Preparation for your corresponding imaging study is more critical than for other commonly performed imaging studies.


1.Before scan, do not engage in strenuous exercise for at least 24 hrs.

2.Fast for at least 4-6 hours.

3.Plain water is allowed. No tea, coffee or milk.

4.if the patient is diabetic & / or asthamatic, please bring their medicines along.

5.The whole procedure may take up to 3-5 hrs.

6.Please bring old reports & scan.

7.Avoid close & prolonged contact with children & pregnant women during & after the scan.

8.Call the imaging facility for specific instructions.


1.The whole procedure may vary depending upon the type of scan.

2.Please bring Old Reports & Scans.

3.The Whole Procedure Will Be explained while taking appointment.

4.No fasting required unless instructed otherwise.

5.Take your regularly scheduled medications with water prior to arriving for your scan,
unless instructed otherwise.

Dress in warm, comfortable clothing, as some scanner rooms may be cool.

Avoid wearing  jewellery and clothes with metal fasteners and zippers.